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Detailed spots guide

Surf Advisor contains detailed information about more than 150 surf spots, and the number continues to grow as users are able to add their own spots.
Every surf spot in the app contains following information:
> Precise surf spot localization – with navigation
> Surf spot’s type (flat/wave)
> Difficulty
> Wind/kite/surf schools
> Wind and temperature statistics avaible for each month
> Spot popularity
> Water depth level
> Type of the seabed
> Hotels and restaurants nearby
> Best wind directions
> Possible dangers (rocks, strong currents etc.)
> Live cameras in the area
> Anemometers nearby

For each surf spot there are also links added leading to the most popular weather forecast sites, like:
> Windy
> Windguru
> Windfinder
> Surfline

Detailed spots guide
Surf spot search engine

Surf spot search engine

Surf Advisor contains a unique functionality and its task is to enable the user to find the best surf spot for the requested by user time, in the easiest way possible.
First, the user chooses the month he would like to organize his/her vacations and sets his/her expectations in the terms of wind power, temperature, gear rental services, surf spot’s type (flat/wave), and its distance from the user’s current localization. Then, our app analyzes this data and based on surf spot’s info and wind statistics chooses the surf spots that fit the user’s expectations the best.

Forecasts from many sources

Each surf spot has links added that lead to the most popular weather forecast sites that provide forecasts for it. Thanks to that, the users can quickly compare forecasts from various sources and based on that information they are able to tell where the wind is gonna be the most suitable for them.
Forecasts that you can find in our application are: Windy, Windguru, ICM, Ventusky, Windfinder, MSW and Surfline. Additionaly, some of the surf spots feature live camera links and nearby anemometers information, so that the user can be informed himself even better about the conditions on each of the surf spots.

Forecasts from many sources
Live reports from the surf spots

Live reports from the surf spots

Surf Advisor features a simple system of reporting conditions on the surf spots. Every user is able to add information about the current conditions on the surf spot that the user is currently surfing on. All users nearby the given surf spot and also those who added that spot into their fauvorites, will receive a push notification about reported conditions. Thanks to that user is provided information on whether or not visiting a certain surf spot is a good idea on the given day, or if perhaps they should go elsewhere. Live reports can be commented and shared via facebook, messenger and other social media platforms.

Activity history and statistics

Surf Advisor also contains features that lets users track their own surfing statistics. Functions featured are:

–a function that allows saving visited surf spots and viewing them on a map,

– tracker of how many days the user spent doing given sport (features month and year overwiev),

– browsing the history of added reports,

– a personal diary of progress in which the user is able to track his achievement, like learnt tricks and maneuvers.

Activity history and statistics

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